Midnight on the Midway


This year's theme is Midnight on the Midway. The dates for the BJDC 2014 are July 31, Aug. 1, and 2, 2014.

Join us on iDolls, a yahoolist for organizing the convention.


bjdc 2014

At the heart of this year's convention is the circus. But think of the circus from year's past - the circus, the carnival and the midway. The carnie's arrive and then poof, the tents seem to go up as if by magic. The night circus full of mystery, unusual people and odd creatures. Perhaps you will want take a stroll down Steampunk Alley, try your luck at the shell game or slip in to have your fortune told. Let your imagination carry you away to the carnival.

Who will you meet but a cast of interesting characters. Oh what adventures we will have, Midnight on the Midway.