This year there will be four catagories, something for everyone and I encourage you ALL to enter! If you have a doll to take to the final banquet, then you have a doll to enter here!
Let's have lots of eye candy to enjoy!

Catagory One
One doll dressed on theme, can include a small prop, for example Mary's little lamb, or Miss Moffets spider.
Open to everyone

Catagory Two
Diorama, one or more dolls in a setting not to exceed 2 1/2 feet wide by 3 feet long
Open to everyone

Catagory Three
Semi Professional, may have sold some items, costume either designed by you, or made by you from someone else's pattern with their permission and recognition given.

Catagory Four
Professional people who regularly sell their work, and this makes up the bulk of their income.

The final decision as to which Catagory an entry belongs rests with me.
All entries are at your own risk.
All dolls must be secure, either on a stand, sitting or similar.
Can have more than one entry. Small props allowed in every catagory.
Please include details of the doll and the character it represents, e.g. Volks Megu as Cinderella .

Any questions, please email me,


Join us on iDolls, a yahoolist for organizing the convention.