This year's convention theme is Pleasure of Your Company.

This theme encompasses the Renaissance era of late medieval with elements of fantasy. Romeo and Juliet, Elf queens, banquets in the sacred grove, fairies, gnomes, wizards and gypsies.

Entries are limited to a 2ft by 2ft.

All outfits need to be made and designed by the entrant. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize awarded in each level. Best in Show will be awarded by the Judges and People's Choice is by popular vote.

There will be 3 levels to compete in this year - Professional, Journeyman and Novice.

Level 1: Professional. This level is defined as anyone making a large portion of their income from the creation/design/and sale of textiles are master seamstresses.

Level 2: Journeyman. This level is defined as those with moderate design/sewing experience, who occasionally sell their items but it is not a main source of income. Intermediate competing with other intermediate.

Level 3: Novice. This level is defined as those with little design/sewing experience, who do not sell their items. Beginners competing with other beginners.

Pre-registration for the competition will be required. Please complete the registration.

Link to form

Deadline for entry is 7-21-15. Competion organizers are PamSD and Robin Donlan.

For questions - please contact PamSD  


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